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Campus Wardrobe offers officially licensed apparel, accessories, sportswear, and gifts for hundreds of colleges and universities.


[No Loss by Canon playing]

♪ I can't take no loss

[A man wearing a Kent State Sweatshirt

And a woman wearing a St. Johns Red Storm tee]

♪ I don't even know what it costs

[A woman in a UC David sweatshirt]

♪ I hit the ground then I go off yeah

[Woman in a blue Northeastern hoodie]

♪ Hit the ground then I go off yeah

[Woman in a St. Mary’s tee Followed by an older man in a Northern Arizona Alumni tee shirt]

Title: Officially Licensed

♪ I can’t take no loss

[Woman in a Aggies hoodie]

Title: Hundreds Of Schools

♪ I don’t even know what it costs yeah

[Woman in a red UMASS sweatshirt]

♪ I hit the ground then I go off yeah

♪ Hit the ground then I go off

[Picture of a Blue Hampton Pirates hoodie]

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah

♪ run it, run it ♪♪

[Man in Pepperdine Basketball Tee]

Title: Fast Shipping

[A couple having a picnic the man is wearing a Fordham Mascot tee shirt and waving at the camera]

[Woman wearing a blue Gonzaga Mom tee]

[Man wearing a green Cal Poly Mustangs tee]

[Woman in a Tulane tank top]

[Blue Rice University Owls sweatshirt]

Title: Printed in USA

[Man wearing a Fear the Pride tee]

♪ Yeah, run it, run it

[Woman wearing a George Mason hoodie]

♪ I really feel it's my time

[Man wearing an Eastern tee shirt]

♪ think it’s my year, yeah yeah

[Man wearing a Drexel hoodie]

♪ I really feel it’s my time

[Man wearing a Moorhouse alumni hoodie]

♪ think it's my year, yeah yeah

Man in a Seton Hall Blue tee]

♪ I really feel it’s my time

[Woman in a blue UNCW hoodie]

♪ think it's my year, yeah yeah

[Woman in a Rams tee, another woman wearing a red UMASS hoodie, and a third woman wearing a Howard tee]

♪ I really feel it’s my time

♪ think it's my... ♪♪

Title: Campus Wardrobe

  • Customer Review: A blonde student wearing a Milwaukee hoodie


    5 star rating

    "I’m so happy I made this purchase. I have gotten so many compliments on this hoodie and it’s so thick and good quality. Will definitely purchase from here again."

    Anonymous Verified Buyer
  • Customer review: A proud dad and mom wearing t-shirts with the word Dad and Mom, posing with their college student son

    Pleased with Product

    5 star rating

    "T-shirts we’re very good quality and the print job done well. Shipping was quick. Thank You!"

    Anonymous Verified Buyer
  • Customer Review: A bald African American man wearing a Howard University sweatshirt


    5 star rating

    "Great comfortable sweatshirt."

    Billie R. Verified Buyer
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