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Back to school has never been easier with Everest Backpacks; the bag you need to stay organized. When you are looking for durability, practicality, and style, look no further than Campus Wardrobe.

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Bookworms Unite


We all love a fun shopping spree at the end of the summer when school is about to begin. Although buying school supplies can be tedious, when you walk around campus with a fashionable backpack that stands amongst the crowd, you’ll feel excited about learning!


College students sometimes feel like they are always studying or in class. So prepare yourself for a long year of exams! We make your stressful weeks easier with a bag that can withstand your heavy books, planner, pens, water bottle—whatever you have to bring; we can handle!


The Everest is a traditional-looking backpack with a zippered pocket in the front, a mesh pocket for water bottles, a large main compartment, a padded back panel for comfort, and efficient yet comfortable shoulder straps.


At Campus Wardrobe, our backpacks are always stylish, unique, eye-catching, and everything in between!


Let us narrow down your search with our top best sellers:


Flaunt your school colors with a simple Everest Backpack Classic Style that has the choice of more than 20 colors: purple, pink, orange, red, green, maroon, gray—pretty much the whole rainbow!


Let yourself get loose every once in a while with a fun Everest Book Bag Back to School Classic in Fun Prints & Patterns and select from our 20+ designs such as Charcoal/Gray Plaid, Tropical, Polka dots, Galaxy, and even a tasty Donut print.


If you’re searching for a sophisticated look, our Everest Backpack Book Bag Back to School Suede Bottom has a bit of class for a classy student like yourself. It comes in the colors red or black and has a beige suede bottom.


No matter the age, backpacks are a school staple. Motivate yourself to learn again with a bag that helps you stay organized without sacrificing fashion.


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