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Discover high-quality face masks, face coverings, bandanas, and face shields at Campus Wardrobe. Wear a comfortable yet stylish mask that is designed for you in mind!

College life made easier with affordable masks to keep you and other students safe from airborne viruses and help with allergies. We have lots of prints to choose from—perfect for college kids who want to look good whether in class, at a party, or at the game.

Study to always stay ahead. Wear a mask to stop the spread.

Buy today. Your safe shopping spree awaits!

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Safe and Stylish


It’s a strange feeling being on campus during these times. Staying six feet away from friends and wearing a mask in class may seem foreign, but it’s the right thing to do to stop the spread.


Campus Wardrobe is here to help you out. Amlife and Casaba face masks follow CDC guidelines, and they never pinch your ears and are always easy to breathe out of. They also come in many sizes and will fit every face shape!


The majority of students in the U.S. have to wear masks daily. Make your life easier, and choose a face cover that will not only protect you from the virus but also won’t leave you with any discomfort either. When you shop with us, each of our disposable and cotton masks is made in the USA with imported fabrics and have adjustable nose strips and elastic ear loops. This ensures that you are comfortable and protected at all times from the air inside and out.


On the go students can either reuse cloth face masks every day or use disposable masks. All of our cotton and cloth face coverings are washable. To make it even better, our disposable masks are conveniently sealed in a zipper bag for easy storage! Never lose your mask in the dorm again.


Style Options


Do your part while looking cute too! Our face masks have numerous prints to choose from; everyone will be stopping you in the hallway and asking where you got it. We have designs like Paisley, Regal Floral, Neon Leopard, Black Camo, and plenty more!


You’re in luck! Our disposable face masks come in 7 colors, so you can always match with your outfit. You can even wear your school colors to the game! Never miss out on school events like Back to School, Alumni Reunion, Graduation, Rush Week, or Gameday. We have you covered with our bulk disposable face masks, so no classmate gets left out!


We also have bandanas to wear either across your face or as a cute hair or neck accessory.


Buy with the Best


Not only does Campus Wardrobe help America’s students, faculty, universities, and consumers with great-quality PPE, we also provide wonderful official collegiate merch. The PPE we sell includes non-medical face masks, cotton/cloth face masks, face coverings, bandanas, face shields, hand sanitizer, contactless infrared thermometers, gloves, and more. We also sell shirts, tanks, hoodies, hats, and other accessories for all of your favorite colleges, universities, and NCAA sports teams.


Every one of these items makes an excellent gift idea for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Holidays, Graduation, Back to School, Sports Games, and so much more. Make your loved ones smile whether they’re Students, Faculty Members, Professors, Alumni, Parents, Friends, Teammates, Fraternity Brothers, or Sorority Sisters!